An Interview with my Narrator, Erin Parker

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Q: What about my books caught your interest and made you want to narrate them?

A: Zoe and her grandmother’s rural roots there were an easy “in” for me. I’m originally a country girl myself, and have spent a whole lot of my adult life in “The South,” so they felt immediately familiar to me. I’m also a fan of fun, supernatural magic, and these books have that in droves!

Q: Who’s your favorite character from Broomsticks and Burials to act as? What is it about them that you love?

A: I think Luna is a load of fun to give voice to. How often do you get to hear a cat talk? And a snarky cat, at that!  She always has opinions and certainly isn’t shy about sharing them.

Q: What was your favorite chapter to record? What about it makes it your favorite?

A: In an effort not to spoil anything, I shall say Chapter 2 – because that’s when we’re introduced to several new characters that definitely let the reader or listener know that things surrounding Zoe definitely aren’t what you’d call “normal.”

Q: Part of the reason my readers love my books is their quirky humor. Was there a particular line or lines that made you laugh?

A: Oh, there were several! Beau’s goofy earnestness always made me smile, but I recall the bartender vampire mentioning that their craft blood brews were “locally sourced.” The idea of a modern, hipster vampire definitely made me chuckle.

Q: Lastly, without spoiling anything, were you surprised by the mystery of the book? Did anything catch you off-guard while you were recording?

A: No spoilers. Oh man. That’s hard. Soooooooo… Let’s just say that there might have been a death in the middle that I didn’t see coming.

About Erin

Erin Parker is a Chicago-based actor, voice artist, and singer. An avid audiobook listener since her youth, she has a heart for storytelling and ear for the nuance of character.

In addition to audiobook narration, Erin has provided the voice and screen talent for several Addy Award winning commercials, and she received the 2011 Tennessee Arts Commission Individual Artists Fellowship Grant in Theatre.

Erin is Southern Illinois native, University of Evansville graduate, and a former Resident Company Member at the historic Barter Theatre in Virginia. She is the founder of MAS Nashville – a cabaret group of hilarious singing ladies (

She lives in Chicago with her husband, Matt, and their goofy, three-legged-dog, Jolene. To learn more about Erin and her work, visit: