Voodoo and Vanishings Cover

Vampires and Vanishings

Magic & Mystery: Book Six

There’s new blood in town…

Zoe Clarke’s name is on everyone’s lips. After being elected Head Witch in an upstart campaign, Moon Grove’s paranormal populace can’t stop talking about their new youngblood leader.

But not all press is good press. The media that Zoe used to be part of is tracking her every move with a critical eye — and they aren’t alone. So when several of Zoe’s colleagues begin vanishing inexplicably, Zoe worries she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

From the fresh-faced new king of the vampires to a powerful coalition of paranormal species demanding representation, Zoe’s certain there’s bad blood at work — and when her grandmother is the next to disappear, Zoe realizes she’ll have to pull teeth to get to the truth.

Will Zoe put a stake in the captor’s plans? Or will the culprit bleed Zoe and her community dry?

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