Magic and Mystery Series Bundle Cover

Magic and Mystery Series Bundle

Includes Books 1-6 in the Magic & Mystery Series!

Welcome to Moon Grove, where magic, mystery, and murder are in the air!

When broke, desperate reporter Zoe Clarke takes a job in a tiny town to reboot her life, she discovers her new home is overflowing with magic, supernatural beings — and paranormal mysteries!

Get six full books in the Magic & Mystery series! This bundle contains the first six entries in Lily Webb’s spellbinding series of paranormal cozy mysteries:

  1. Broomsticks and Burials

  2. Spellbooks and Stakings

  3. Alchemy and Arson

  4. Heists and Homicides

  5. Covens and Coffins

  6. Vampires and Vanishings

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Why Isn’t This Available on Amazon?

Unfortunately, Amazon’s royalty tiers prevent me from being able to sell this bundle on Amazon/Kindle without losing lots of money! On Amazon, anything I price higher than $9.99 USD only gives me a 35% royalty rate — that means I’d only make about $6.30 on this bundle if I sold it for the same $17.99 on Amazon!

As an independent author, every cent I make matters and they add up, so for now I’ve decided not to offer this bundle for sale on Amazon. If you’d still like to purchase this bundle and get it to your Kindle, you can do that very easily by buying the bundle directly from my web store — and you’ll ensure I get to keep up to 90% of the money you paid for it too!