Heists and Homicides Cover

Heists and Homicides

Magic & Mystery: Book Four

Blood money can’t buy happiness…

Zoe Clarke is settling into her new life. After moving her grandmother to the magical town of Moon Grove, Zoe needs a house big enough to accommodate Grandma Elle’s oversized personality—and her talking cat.

So Zoe turns to the warlock-owned Bank of Moon Grove and their massive reserves for a short-term loan. But when the troubled bank is robbed at wandpoint and its owner is caught in the crossfire, the bank’s coins and secrets scatter—and it’s up to Zoe to follow the money.

From the bank’s disgruntled staff to the shady werewolf trying to buy it on the sly, Zoe’s sure the robbery was an inside job. But when another stick-up shakes down the community, the killer forces Zoe to put her money where her mouth is.

Will Zoe hit the jackpot and stop the thief? Or will the killer cash out on her life?

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