Gargoyles and Graves Cover

Gargoyles and Graves

Magic & Mystery: Book Twelve

Some pictures paint a grim story…

For wily witch Zoe Clarke, life is all about balance. Her independent news business has taken off, giving her the freedom to report on Moon Grove’s most overlooked stories — at the cost of quality time with her magically maturing young twins.

But when a paranormal travel blogger disappears while chronicling Moon Grove’s notoriously secretive gargoyle community, leaving nothing but a chilling selfie behind, Zoe’s tempted yet again to stick her wand where it doesn’t belong.

Between the blogger’s final perplexing picture and an increasingly cold-blooded response from the gargoyles, Zoe realizes cameras don’t lie, but someone is — especially when she recognizes someone lurking in the background.

Can Zoe track down the missing writer? Or will she be the next to vanish in a flash?

Coming January 30th, 2023. Pre-order at:

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