Dead Over Heels Cover

Dead Over Heels

Visions & Victims: Book Six

Put your best foot forward…

Psychic innkeeper Selena has never had a famous guest check into the Kindred Spirits Inn — until the leader of another magical community arrives. The only problem? She wants Selena’s help to solve the murder of a colleague.

When one of Selena’s visions reveals a crucial new clue, she realizes she can’t drag her feet on the case — and that she’ll have to step on a few toes.

But the killer is still pounding the pavement, and despite her prophetic powers, Selena can’t help feeling like the other shoe is about to drop.

Will Selena stamp out the suspect? Or will they carry her out feet first?

Dead Over Heels is the sixth book in the Visions and Victims series of paranormal cozy mysteries. If superstar spellcasters, conjuring crossovers, and witchy whodunits get your wand waving, then you’re sure to fall under the spell of this exciting crossover with Lily Webb’s Magic and Mystery series.

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