Covens and Coffins Cover

Covens and Coffins

Magic & Mystery: Book Five

Everyone has skeletons in their closets…

Telepathic reporter Zoe Clarke is running for office. Since moving to the magical town of Moon Grove, Zoe’s become a local celebrity by solving more paranormal murders than she can wave her wand at.

Zoe’s polling neck and neck with some of the most popular witches in town, but not everyone’s thrilled about her candidacy. So when one of Zoe’s competitors gets assassinated and she’s accused, her campaign spirals into crisis—and Zoe turns to unlikely allies to help clear her name.

From the warlocks plotting in the shadows to the witches playing political theater, Zoe’s convinced someone’s trying to sabotage her campaign. But after another scandal rocks Moon Grove, Zoe will have to reach across the aisle to stop the attacker.

Can Zoe use her soapbox to expose the assassin? Or will the killer leave her enough rope to hang herself?

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