Broomsticks and Burials Cover

Broomsticks and Burials

Magic & Mystery: Book One

Available in eBook, print, large print, and coming soon to audio!

Nothing stays buried forever…

Unemployed reporter Zoe Clarke has spent her life chasing her big break. She’s never been afraid to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong, so when she receives a job offer in Moon Grove, she jumps at the chance to make a name for herself.

But Moon Grove is unlike any other place Zoe’s lived. The tiny southern town is teeming with magic and paranormal beings—and those aren’t its only secrets.

During a heated election for Head Witch, the most powerful position in town, Zoe’s predecessor was buried alive—and accusations are flying faster than broomsticks. Despite her editor’s orders to leave the story alone, Zoe can’t resist.

From the front-running witch with a secret to the mysterious vampires pulling strings in the shadows, Zoe knows the truth is just under the surface. So when she discovers she has rare telepathic abilities, Zoe realizes she has to keep digging.

Will Zoe’s magic lead her to the murderer and the scoop of a lifetime? Or will it send her to an early grave?


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