Bloodmages and Blackmail Cover

Bloodmages and Blackmail

Magic & Mystery: Book Ten

Someone is out for blood…

For Head Witch Zoe Clarke, everything has led to this moment. Since defeating a deadly organization of warlocks, Zoe has been enjoying some much-needed time off with her fiancé, Beau, and their newborn babies.

But after one of Zoe’s colleagues is found drained dry, Zoe’s blood boils. And when she receives an anonymous letter threatening more attacks, Zoe realizes her enemies aren’t done with her yet.

From a new band of red-robed mages spreading propaganda to the growing rifts among her colleagues, Zoe’s convinced more blood will be spilled before it’s over — especially when another powerful witch is found siphoned.

Will Zoe catch the killer red handed? Or will her efforts be like squeezing blood from a stone?

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